Empowering Regenerative Medicine

Fourth Pillar Consulting fosters the creation of practical strategies for the successful development, financing and commercialization of Cell Therapies, in partnership with Industry, Academia, Funding Resources and Foundations.

Martin McGlynn

Chairman & CEO

Fourth Pillar Consulting

    While the path to harnessing the potential of Cell Therapies is proving to be long and challenging, we believe its promise to reshape healthcare by regenerating lost or damaged tissue offers unprecedented hope to patients with unmet medical needs.

Regenerative Medicine represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, away from conventional symptom management. The goal of Regenerative Medicine is to establish or restore normal function by replacing damaged or diseased cells, tissues or organs. Cell Therapies have shown enormous promise for Regenerative Medicine applications, suggesting the potential to deliver a one-time intervention yielding a life-long cure for millions of patients suffering intractable diseases and disorders.

Harnessing the Potential of Cell Therapies

Over the past few decades, stem cell companies struggled with the myriad and complex challenges associated with translating extraordinary breakthroughs in cell biology into clinically meaningful therapeutics, resulting in disappointed investors, clinicians and patients. But now, with the convergence of those pioneering efforts and the rapid progress being made in gene editing, immunotherapy and gene therapy, Regenerative Medicine has finally gone mainstream. Today, the Healthcare Industry is finally making the serious investments needed to bring Cell Therapies to market.


Fourth Pillar Consulting brings together the experience, expertise and established networks of industry leaders with the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of the emerging organizations that have begun to harness the full potential of Cell Therapies.

The Cell Therapies platform has been characterized as the fourth pillar* of modern Healthcare, building on the three well-established and successful Healthcare platforms: Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Medical Devices.

*The term “fourth pillar,” as applied to cell therapies, was coined by Chris Mason, David A. Brindley, Emily J. Culme-Seymour and Natasha L. Davie.

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