Cell Therapies are not new: They began with the first recorded blood transfusion pioneered by James Blundell in the 19th century, progressing to bone marrow and organ transplantation, tissue banking and reproductive in vitro fertilization. Today, advanced Cell Therapies, encompassing a broad variety of cell types and clinical applications, are seen as a disruptive technology with powerful implications for Regenerative Medicine.

While the potential for Cell Therapies has been widely touted, they have not yet lived up to the lofty expectations of early advocates, thereby disappointing patients, clinicians and investors alike. Getting from scientific discovery to clinical proof-of-concept to commercialization requires an abundance of endurance, tenacity, ingenuity and patience of a kind not encountered by the three existing platforms.


The challenges associated with translating extraordinary scientific breakthroughs into successful cell therapy products are myriad and complex. But much has been learned from the successes and failures of the pioneers in the field, and the seeds of those endeavors are now beginning to bear fruit.

Harnessing the Potential of Cell Therapies

Fourth Pillar Consulting brings together the experience, expertise and established networks of industry leaders with the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of the emerging organizations that have begun to harness the full potential of Cell Therapies.

Our Mission:  To foster the creation of practical strategies for the successful development, financing and commercialization of Cell Therapies, in partnership with Industry, Academia, Funding Resources and Foundations.

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