Fourth Pillar Consulting has formidable industry experience, making us uniquely suited to advise organizations on the strategies required to support research and development, clinical translation and commercialization of emerging Cell Therapies.

Even when complex scientific challenges can be overcome, promising innovations too-often fail to achieve their full potential simply because adequate funding is not forthcoming, planning is unrealistic or opportunities are missed. In order to sustain the momentum for ongoing research, meet the demands of clinical trials and successfully commercialize the novel technologies that advance medicine, organizations must balance scientific rigor with sound leadership and business acumen. Fourth Pillar Consulting helps transform good science into good medicine with good guidance:

Guidance to Help Transform Good Science into Good Medicine

  • Translation Strategy


  • Clinical Target Identification and Prioritization


  • Regulatory Strategy


  • Process Development Strategy


  • Manufacturing Strategy


  • Financing


  • Intellectual Property Strategy


  • Partnering Strategy and Outreach


  • Organization Development


  • Talent Acquisition

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